Career coaching and professional development for women and non-binary team members

Join our mission and lead the tailored, tactical advice workstream of our product strategy

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Setting the direction for our product and platform teams at Citizens Advice

Product strategy for Citizens Advice: cover image

Our goal is to apply a product mindset and user-centred design to phone, webchat, email, and video advice to achieve a seamless user journey across all channels

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Citizens Advice has been delivering advice to millions of people for over 80 years

Our team works across the entire organisation, designing services and products for millions of clients. Our mission is to design inclusive and effective ways of solving complex problems.

Prototyping a digital energy service

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➛Chat to Kylie and Rebecca about the roles

Help the country through coronavirus and build a better Citizens Advice for the future

New Content Platform team show and tell

Our online advice helps 29 million people every year. Our vision is “the freedom to create great services and innovate with ease”.

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➛Chat to Kylie about the role

Our user researchers work across every part of our organisation. Our goal is to understand how we can adapt to meet the changing needs of our clients across all parts of our service.

Prototyping an energy tool based on user needs

Take me to the job application [Closing date 2nd February]

Chat to Kylie about the role

In this blogpost I’ll talk about how we designed a new governance model for our products at Citizens Advice, and what we hope the outcomes will be.

Mental Health Awareness Day 2019

Kylie Havelock

Head of Product @CitizensAdvice . Passion for equitable tech. Ex @CDS_GC @Justice_Digital . Board @LocalWelcome . Fellow @CloreSocial 🏳️‍🌈

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