We’re hiring a Product Lead to transform our remote advice platforms

Our goal is to apply a product mindset and user-centred design to phone, webchat, email, and video advice to achieve a seamless user journey across all channels

Kylie Havelock
4 min readNov 10, 2020


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Citizens Advice has been delivering advice to millions of people for over 80 years

We’re looking for an experienced hands-on senior product person to lead a multidisciplinary, cross-functional team which will transform our adviser-enabled channels* at Citizens Advice. This team will deliver a sustainable, user-led approach to advice-giving on telephone, video, and webchat. The importance of this work has never been higher — during COVID-19 we’ve seen demand across these channels increase by 150%.

*adviser-enabled channels are when clients speak to a person, in contrast to our self-serve tailored advice which is accessed online

This is a organisation-wide programme of work over 2.5 years that will fundamentally transform how we deliver advice to the public. This role will focus on improving the overall user experience as well as increasing our efficiency and overall capacity. It includes procuring new telephony and webchat platforms and introducing video chat across our network of local offices across England and Wales.

Your work will make a huge difference. You’ll be working on platforms that help millions of people every year. Our phone service alone receives over 4.6 million calls from the public every year and is staffed by thousands of advisers, many of whom are volunteers. You’ll be setting the goals, strategy and priorities within our platform and operational teams, and defining the way millions of people get advice from us on a daily basis.

You will work closely with stakeholders from the nearly 300 independent local organisations that make up Citizens Advice, as well as with national stakeholders. You will be working particularly closely with product managers, delivery managers, user researchers, service designers, data scientists and technologists. You’ll also collaborate regularly with our commercial, procurement, legal, and information governance teams as part of a complex change programme to replace our existing systems.

Screenshot of our new product strategy

Product strategy at Citizens Advice

Our ambitious new product strategy sets out the following vision for the Citizens Advice service over the next three years:

“We will amplify our market position as the best U.K. advice service; providing clients and advisers with accessible, tailored advice that helps them understand their rights and solve their problems quickly and easily.

We will improve the experience and outcomes of our clients, and use technology to rethink how we operate as an organisation so that we continuously improve our products while enabling scalable, cost efficient, and responsive advice delivery.”

The successful delivery of the strategy is dependent on our ability to respond to change in the demand for our services and in wider society. This is especially important as we emerge from ‘fixing the basics’ where we’re reducing technical debt, into delivery of new digital services.

Remote advice platform transformation brings the same client-centred design approach to these channels that we have applied to our online services. This approach is fundamental to creating a consistent, cross-channel experience, obfuscating internal processes and joining up data behind the scenes.

Take a look at our product metrics to understand our intended outcomes and how we’ll be measuring progress.

What you’ll do every day

You’ll be:

  • leading the creation and evolution of the product vision, strategy, and objectives for telephone, webchat, email, and video advice channels
  • discovering, defining, and validating problems presented by user insight, stakeholder priorities, organisational strategy, and technical needs
  • collaborating with our commercial, legal, and procurement teams to procure new platforms in an agile and evidence based way
  • coordinating across complex dependencies to deliver features that improve the overall user experience
  • engaging with teams across the organisation to align plans, understand priorities, and communicate changes with our local offices and users
  • collaborating with developers, technical architects, and DevOps engineers to make sure our services are sustainable and flexible
  • tracking and monitoring product performance and user outcomes to iterate and improve on features
  • taking a responsible and ethical approach, considering the social impact our services create and minimising potential unintended consequences

Apply if

  • you’ve led change programmes using agile methodology in a large and complex organisation, including procurement and budget management
  • you’ve shipped high-volume transactional software and managed dependencies across multiple products and platforms
  • you’re passionate about Tech for Good and want to work in an equity-driven organisation solving complex problems
  • you relentlessly pursue building the best possible user experience and use data to track how you’re doing and make decisions
  • you live at the intersection of user, organisational, and technical needs and know how to balance these when setting direction
  • you’re comfortable with leading a multidisciplinary team* that deals with ambiguity every day, and with taking decisions in uncertainty
  • you have lots of energy for sharing your knowledge; you may have mentored and coached other product people
  • you embrace the value that comes from working in the open and sharing with other organisations
  • you enjoy working with non-technical stakeholders and learning from their expertise
  • you want to be part of a growing product community, at the centre of organisational transformation
  • what we’re doing here at Citizens Advice excites you!

*including user research, design, content, software engineering, technical architecture, delivery, data, and operations

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