Product strategy 2021 to 2023

Setting the direction for our product and platform teams at Citizens Advice

Product strategy for Citizens Advice: cover image
Guardian video using Citizens Advice web data to track public concerns through the COVID pandemic.

What we aim to achieve

Progress so far

Content as a service: migrating our content onto a flexible, modularised platform


Guiding principles

Workstream 1: build measurement capability

Workstream 2: enable a seamless customer journey

Workstream 3: validate tailored, tactical advice strategy

Workstream 4: Transform our phone, webchat, email, and video (‘remote advice’) platforms

Success measures

An example of our recent recruitment campaigns

What is needed to make this happen?

Head of Product @CitizensAdvice. Passionate about inclusive, equitable tech for good. Co-present @OneTeamGov #podcast. Person of @kitterati 🏳️‍🌈 she/her

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